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Food and Nutrition studies aim to improve human health and quality of life through scientific discovery, research and education. Dietary factors are closely related to the development and prognosis of chronic disease including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and cognitive function. As the food environment has become increasingly diverse and complex, maintaining a balanced diet is key to stay healthy throughout every stage of life. Given the lack of evidence-based guidance for professionals and general public and the need of dissemination of scientific food and nutrition knowledge, Food and Nutrition studies focus on producing scientific knowledge and implementing this knowledge into food and nutrition practices.
Department of Food and Nutrition offers undergraduate and graduate programs with areas of food science, nutrition science and food service managements. Specific areas of faculty expertise include food microbiology, food toxicology, functional foods and advanced bio-materials, sensory science, nutritional physiology, molecular nutrition and nutrigenomics, clinical nutrition and nutritional immunology, nutritional epidemiology, and food services and marketing.



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