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Molecular Nutrition and Nutritional Genomics Lab.

Molecular Nutrition and Nutritional Genomics Lab.

The field of molecular nutrition and nutrigenomics is an interesting combination of nutrition, biology and chemistry. The study concerns how certain nutrients or other dietary constituents influence our body and focuses on what their biochemical, metabolic, epigenetic functions are at the molecular level.
The research area of our laboratory is to study about nutrients and dietary components using various biochemical analysis methods as well as proteomic, genomic technologies through in vivo and in vitro experiments, trying to clarify mechanisms.
A field of study
The biochemical, physiological, and epigenetic functions of sulfur amino acids and folic acid
Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy in the development of diseases
Role of nutrients and dietary components in regulation of gene expression and stability

Office: Seoul National University Bldg. 222 Rm. 631
Tel.: +82-2-880-8773


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