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Food Toxicology Lab.

The affluence lifestyle as well as the advancement of food processing technology lead consumer’s interests to food safety more than ever. Food toxicology laboratory focuses on the changes in the risk factors, synthetic or natural, during cooking and processing. Understanding of the generation and degradation of hazardous chemicals in foodstuff will help reduce the risk factors. Another part of the food safety assurance is the measuring intake levels of chemicals compared to health based reference levels. The goal of the lab is to promote public health by safe use of food additives and control of hazardous chemicals.
Recent studies
- Korean Total Diet Study: acrylamide
- Korean Total Diet Study: N-nitrosamines
- Effect of dietary glucosinolates on thyroid
- Intake assessment of artificial sweeteners: Saccharine, Sucralose, Aspartame, and Acesulfame K
- Reduction of benzo(a)pyrene in institutional food services
Office: Seoul National University Bldg. 222 Rm. 529
Tel.: +82-2-880-5707


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