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Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Immunology Lab.


Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Immunology Lab.

In Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Immunology Laboratory, we mainly investigate the effects of nutrients, functional foods, and dietary intervention on immune and inflammatory responses, by using cell and animal experiments and human studies. Recently the role of immune cells is not only limited to protecting bodies from infectious diseases but also reported to participate in various biological processes and pathogenesis. Therefore, understanding the pathophysiology in aspects of the immune function and inflammatory response and modulating function of nutrients on it may help provide clues and strategies for the prevention and management of diseases.
Ongoing studies in our laboratory:
Identifying changes in immune and inflammatory response and markers of metabolic diseases of obese people derived from weight loss due to weight management programs including nutritional counseling and behavior modification;
Analyzing the mechanism of occurrence and progression of fatty liver disease in animal models with high fat diet induced obesity and developing dietary intervention for obesity induced fatty liver disease using pine nut oil;
Studying the changes of mineral metabolism induced by obesity in aspects of inflammation;
Investigating the dietary factors affecting acute cardiovascular disease and developing effective intervention for it.
Office: Seoul National University Bldg. 222, Rm. 622
Tel.: +82-2-880-8767


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