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Functional Foods and Advanced Bio-materials Lab.

Functional Foods and Advanced Bio-materials Lab.

In this laboratory, we devote a substantial part of our work to study the values of food components that promote human health or prevent and alleviate diseases. In other words, we are discovering new materials containing physiologically active substances from foods and organisms as well as developing and studying possible improvements of relevant analysis methods. Currently, we are conducting a study on the effects of black raspberry extract intake on the cardiovascular disease risk factors and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities of vascular endothelial cells from the perspective of the intestinal microbiome and metabolites. Meanwhile, we are developing analysis methods for active ingredients derived from buckwheat and also verifying their photodynamic antibacterial effects. We are also screening and verifying antioxidant capacities of phytochemicals and functional ingredients with enzyme inhibitory potential based on computer techniques.

Office: Seoul National University Bldg. 222 Rm. 507
Tel.: +82-2-880-6820


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