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* Credits for graduation
Admission Year Liberal arts Main major Double-
Sub-major Total requirement credits Common subjects
Single major Paralleled with other majors
2015~ 40(41) 60 48 39 24 130 Introduction to Human Ecology

*Major regulation
▷ Major regulation Single or Paralleled with other majors
1) Single major : Main major ≥ 60 credits
2) Paralleled with other majors : Main major ≥ 48 credits + DoubleㆍSubㆍCombinedㆍRelatedㆍStudents Designed major(refer to standards in each specialty)
cf) Main major + other major in Human Ecology = Main major 48 credits + other major in Human Ecology 39 credits
▷ Signs up for courses in foreign languages (Mandatory)
: Complete 3 subjects including 1 major subject in English 
▷ Admitted subjects as Food & Nutrition Major
: Subjects such as genetics, physical chemistry, microbiology from other major can be admitted as Food & Nutrition Major within 9 credits

*Performance Evaluation
▷ Undergraduate student (Food & Nutrition including transfer, changing major to F&N, double major in F&N, readmission) must complete graduation work under the guidance of professor.
 - Poster work on experiment, survey or review
 - Individual or group work (3 person) 
 - Can be replaced with the results or academic activity (posters, oral presentation, awards in academic conference/symposium)
▷ Applying and assignment of advisor 
 - Right before graduation (ex: expected graduation on Feb 2021: Applying on Sep 2020), apply and assignment of advisor which is decided in Dept. meeting.

▷ Evaluation  
 - Each middle of June or Dec, students put up posters on the wall for review.




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